Syracuse in LA (2019)

buy priligy australia Riding the Digital Wave

find more information TRF 510, Class #72367

Course Overview

Forget the rules. Explore new paths. Challenge conventional wisdom. Find new ways to communicate and entertain audiences across the socioeconomic, lifestyle, ethnic, language and cultural spectrum – anywhere, anytime, on devices known or to be invented.

Learning Outcomes – After taking this course, students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast various digital platforms through which content is produced and/or distributed.
  • Develop and design content that speaks to the digital native audience.
  • Employ tactics to establish (and maintain) a media brand presence across the digital spectrum.
  • Formulate revenue-generating distribution strategies for digital entertainment content.
  • Recognize how their personal experience as digital consumers relates directly to the business of digital media.

Course Syllabus

Week One – July 10th
  • SULA classroom
  • “Content & ____ Are King”
  • Course overview: assignments, grading & expectations
  • Current opportunities & challenges across the digital ecosystem
  • Guest Speaker:
Week Two –July 17th
Week Three – July 24th
Week Four – July 31ST
  • Field trip to VR Werx
  • Guest Speakers:
    • Russell Naftal, Co-Managing Director (host)
    • Additional speakers, TBD
Week Five – August 7th
  • SULA classroom
  • Group presentations & the future digital wave

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